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Hi, I’m Amy!

This whole single mom life may not be what we signed up for, but I believe when life gives you lemons, it’s time to make lemonade! I have 3 amazingly awesome and resilient kids who are the center of my world and my biggest why for everything I do.

But like you, I’m more than “just a mom.” I’m into natural health and wellness, getting things done myself, and THEATRE! My body runs on coffee and adaptogens.

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Word on the street…

"Amy is genuine, caring, and very knowledgeable. I found Amy from Instagram three years ago and have been following her since. Her journey (so far) has been so motivating and absolutely incredible. What I love about Amy is that she is not just some sales representative. She listens to your needs, she gets to know you, and she’s there for you. She doesn’t just offer (amazing) products but you also get a friend out of her. "

Christine T.

"Amy, what I love most about you, respect about you, is your authenticity -- and what seems to be your natural capacity to embrace it, without a bit separatism. You are indeed a light, a star, in a darkened sky."


"Amy, you're awesome. Seriously. Your attitude and progress is blowing me away over here. Everyone needs to find the path that jives with them and you've find yours. It's very inspiring!"