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How to Treat Allergies Naturally

It’s that time of year again — allergy season. Though for some of us, that season differs. For my son, his allergies became full blow in the winter, because of his severe dust mite and mold allergies (yes, I clean the house! But when you have carpeting, no amount of cleaning will do enough.) No matter when you suffer from allergies, there are a number of steps you can take to lessen your reactions and suffering.

  1. Remove allergens from your space. This may seem obvious, but it isn’t always. The first thing you have to do is get rid of the source of your symptoms.
    • At a minimum, this means keeping your windows closed during your peak allergy times. You should also buy a good filter for your a/c system that is rated highly for allergies so you aren’t just cycling them through your air vents and change it every 30-90 days.
    • Wash your bedding. Yeah, I know we all do it sorta regularly, but if you have allergies…you gotta do it weekly. Like, for real. Strip the bed, wash everything on hot, and dry them in the dryer. (Do NOT line dry or you’ll just coat everything back up with pollen.) Also, allergy covers on your pillows and mattress are super important. Do you have any idea how much they fill with dust mites, dead skin, pollen, etc? Literally 10% of a two year old pillow’s weight can be dead dust mites and their droppings. Did you just throw up a little in your mouth? No? Try imagining what’s in your 10 year old mattress. Now that you’re panicking, take a deep breath, and get some pillow covers and mattress covers.
    • Consider an air purifier for the bedroom, at a minimum. You spend about half your day in there, so keep the air clean for good sleep and good mornings. I have an Austin Air purifier which is super pricey, but it’s a total workhorse and medical grade, and lasts forever. The filters last for 5 years, and if they run out sooner, they prorate your next filter to make up for it. So while they are investment, you kinda ‘set it and forget it’ and just enjoy clean air.
    • You may have to make some drastic changes. Currently, I’m ripping out almost all the carpeting in my house (my son’s room since he’s the one who’s very sick, plus the loft, living room, and dining room…all the main areas he spends time) and putting in laminate flooring. It’s not a cheap change, but when you’re that sick, it’s necessary!
  2. Support your body with the right supplements. Pharmaceutical treatments like Claritin, Zyrtec, etc mask the issue, vs supporting your body to handle what’s being thrown at it. While I do take these sometimes, it’s definitely preferred to help my body function better on its own instead.
    • Vitamin C in therapeutic doses works wonders. When our son was about 8, his doctor had him on at least 2 grams….2000mg….of vitamin C a day — much more than most of us are used to taking. You have to get into the right ranges for it to help.
    • mB12 is key! The immune response to allergies uses up methyl groups very quickly, so making sure your body has plenty goes a long way in keeping symptoms at bay. B12 in the form of methylcobalamin (cyanocobalamin, the more common form, will not work) supplies the body with these needed methyl groups.
  3. Take an herbal supplement for symptoms.  We came across this one from Rainbow Light by accident, and so far so good for results!