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Simplify: Decluttering and Tidying My Life | Part 3 Letting Go

Letting go of the past is like shedding weight. Clearing the clutter makes me feel lighter, and more free. And isn’t that whole goal here? To move forward. None of us went into marriage expecting it to fail. It’s not supposed to be part of our clutter. It was supposed to help us move forward and grow together. But when that fails, we have to choose what is necessary and what is just dead weight.

This decluttering journey I’m on this month has been a lot of work, but so worth every minute and extra mess I’ve created in the process. I’m close to done with my first sweep of the living space in the house, but have so many more details to accomplish! I’m feeling really good though. Excellent really. In fact, getting started doing this is making me feel like I want to get rid of even more.

Maybe it’s the impending divorce? Actually, I’m certain it is. In just two weeks, the kids and I will have been living in our new home for one year. A whole year!! And some of these items from our old life I feel are weighing me down. I’m finally ready to totally cut ties with the past. I’ll always have memories of the good times, of course. But the physical reminders of a dream broken are a black cloud. A constant reminder of what will never be.

I remember being SO excited registering for our wedding. Choosing china, crystal, and silverware were like a dream come true! Rings, wedding dress, decorative items for home, how fun!

The china has been used, like, 10 times in 17 years, if that. The crystal was used even less. I have some still in the box! When you live with an alcoholic, there’s not much to toast. Serving alcohol was just….cringy, to use my kids’ favorite negative word. Serving pieces? Hardly used. Who wants to entertain when you are embarrassed by your spouse’s behavior?

I can’t help but think it’s time to let it all go. My mom has repeatedly told me to keep it, I might regret it. Reset the diamond. Complete the china set. But….sorry Mom. I think to move on, these things need to move on as well.

Wouldn’t it be great to sell it all and celebrate a new future with a vacation, funded by selling all the physical excess baggage clutter? Time will tell!

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