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And Then I Became a CORE DE FORCE Live Instructor

I’ve heard from so many women who have been through tough times: relationship woes, dealing with addiction, loss of income, abuse, or general tough times that have taken away their feeling self worth. It breaks my heart to hear about others hurting…and it’s time I used my reach to help turn things around for you.

Today, I took the first big step towards to achieving my goal of empowering women, and became a certified CORE DE FORCE  live instructor.


I know, now you’re thinking, “Ummmm…that’s great but…how exactly does this help ME?”

I didn’t choose this program at random.

CORE DE FORCE is an MMA (mixed martial arts) style workout, that combines various fighting styles from around the world into an incredible workout that strengthens and tones your whole body, especially, you guessed it, your core. It’s full of punches, kicks, strength moves. And it’s fun!

That’s not why I chose it, though, out of the many options I had available.

I chose this specific program because it’s makes you feel POWERFUL. When you learn how to throw crosses, jabs, and hooks, you start to feel confident. When you realize you can do a killer kick, you start to feel pretty cool. The moves are those of empowerment. No, you won’t walk out actually able to have a street fight — but you’ll feel like you can!

There’s no feeling more badass than completing 45 minutes or so of CORE DE FORCE, I promise!

So today, I completed 8 hours of training taught directly by the creators of this program (each with 10+ years of MMA under their belts) so that I can help spread this major badassery to YOU and anyone else local who needs a boost. I hope to be offering this live very soon! (Even if you aren’t local, I can help you — so be sure to contact me below.)

Stay tuned, because I have even more plans on the horizon to make a difference!