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Ultimate Bone Broth Solution Will Save You Time!

**this post contains affiliate links**

Did you know my story is more than just surviving a bad relationship? It’s about physical healing too. Did you realize that stress contributes to digestive problems? Chronic stress can lead to a whole host of digestive issues like GERD, ulcers, IBD, IBS, leaky gut, and SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth), all of which spell bad news for you.

When we go through times of long term stress (like living with an alcoholic, being alone through long deployments, frequent moves, family illnesses, etc.) our bodies live in an almost constant state of fight or flight. You might not even realize it, because it’s not quite as distinct as it is in a situation of sudden danger or alarm. Yet our bodies react the same by releasing cortisol. Being in a state of consistency high cortisol is draining…and damaging. It causes physical dysfunction and leads to a disruption of the bacteria balance in your digestive tract.

We can’t always control our exposure stressful situations, but we can control how we care for ourselves throughout them. In addition to making time for self-care like meditation, yoga, and exercise, we need to put the right things into our bodies to help them be at their best.

One important piece in keeping our gut healthy and healing damage that has been done to it is consuming bone broth like our ancestors did regularly. Of course, this requires making broth every week at least in order to be drinking enough daily for benefit…which is why I was SO excited when Dr. Axe came out with Bone Broth Protein! It comes in powdered form, and can be mixed up as a shake with ice, simply shaken with water, warmed up — however you like it. Drinking this every day last summer while I was doing some serious healing made all the difference in the world. It was delicious, it was easy, and it saved me tons of time. This stuff is incredible!!!

bone broth protein leaky gut

My favorite flavor is, of course, chocolate, but it comes in many others like coffee, banana creme, and apple cinnamon (which I like to warm up like a hot apple cider in the fall.) To be upfront with you, I love this protein option so much that I am now an affiliate with him to share this with you. Personally, I found plain ol’ broth also gets boring, so these help change things up too.

Drinking bone broth protein for leaky gut daily — whether you make it from scratch and or use these convenient mixes  (or a combo of both!) — will ensure your body has the building blocks it needs to be at its best.