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I Just Can’t Keep Leaving Them | Building a Side Hustle

I just don’t want to keep leaving them.

I became a mother all those years ago with every intention of being a stay at home mom, well, probably forever. I figured if I did work again, it would be part-time — something that I would do while they were at school. Eventually, we decided to homeschool and at that point, I definitely had no desire or thoughts of returning to work. I loved being home with my kids, the freedom we had to explore the world together, and the security they had of knowing someone was always there for them.

What I kept pushing out of the equation was the unsteadiness in the relationship between their father and me. I suppressed the feelings of dread, fear, and betrayal I experienced every day, every time he cracked open another bottle of beer. I believed him every time he said he would really quit this time because I desperately wanted that to be true…but it never was. The time came when I had to face the truth: it was never truly going to get better.

The hardest part about making the decision to end our marriage was knowing how much it would change our kids’ lives if I wasn’t always home. They were finally old enough to avoid daycare (which I am so thankful for, and one of the many reasons I didn’t leave several years sooner) but it still breaks my heart to leave them.

Which is why I am working extra hard to stop leaving.

For now, waiting tables pay the bills. I work with great people, the restaurant is fun, the food is amazing…but it’s not *mine.* My time is not mine. The place is not mine. The decisions are not mine. I answer to someone else’s schedule and, most importantly, I’m not freely available when my children need me.

This is not how I wanted to live.

I knew there had to be a better way.

I actually started building a side hustle 3.5 years ago for fun but I quickly realized it was my ticket out of my miserable marriage. Over time I built an income that made me comfortable leaving, knowing the growth I had ahead of me. Sure, it was a lot of work — but it was all mine, and I didn’t have to be an absent parent to build it.

I recently made a shift in my business model, and couldn’t be more excited about where I’m going. I’m helping other women like me get well and feel like themselves again. They are getting off of medications and using natural, herbal remedies instead that are making them feel better than pharmaceuticals ever did. And every day, I’m one step closer to ditching my apron and setting up shop permanently at home with my family.


Are you interested in ditching YOUR day job and spending more time with your kids? Let’s chat!