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Why I Am Leaving Beachbody After 3.5 Years

I’m so nervous and excited to announce to you some big changes I’m making, but it’s time for me to finally go public: I am leaving Beachbody. I know, I know, it’s shocking because I have always loved Beachbody and its mission to help bring health and fitness to the world. I made some great friends and changed some lives (including my own!) I credit the opportunity with helping me see that I was strong enough to leave my dysfunctional marriage and that I am able to provide for my kids.

But in all this, something was missing for me. My dream has long been to help people with more specific health issues — not just fitness related ailments. I yearned for a less one-size-fits-all approach to supplementation. And recently, I found it.

And I. Am. So. Excited.


My Sick Little Girl

While my journey into natural health has been ongoing since before I had my first child, things got serious for me when my youngest was a few months old. She didn’t poop regularly, even as a breastfed newborn. She had weird rashes. And her digestive issues only got worse as the months went on.

No one could help us. No one has an explanation for the pain that kept her awake at night, and curled in a ball on the couch. She had crying fits. She banged her head on the floor as a toddler — on purpose — in anger — so hard that she would sometimes puke. She was always constipated. We saw allergists. We saw GI doctors. She had 2 endoscopies. We even went to Boston Children’s. We did elimination diets until she was down to 5 foods. She spent two months on elemental formula.

Nothing worked.

You know what did work? Me. Day in, day out, researching, learning, trying new things, researching some more…until I found the answer. I was the one who told the doctors what was wrong her, insisted on testing, and helped get her well again.

And I never want anyone else to suffer the way we did.



For the first time, I will be able to truly offer you exactly what YOU need. I will be able to do what I love best and help you tweak what’s missing in your life so you can be the best version of yourself — mind and body perfectly in sync.

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