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Yet, here I am.

When he started drinking again, I thought our world would end. And in a way, yes it did….but a new one was created its place.

Amy On Fyre was born out of my desire to break free and return to the girl I once was before life tried to smother my spark.

Amy On Fyre stands for freedom, living life both with intention and by design, and helping others along the way. Without that, what are we doing here, anyway?

In case you’re wondering…

I’m an INFP if you’re into that stuff. That means I’m a hopeless idealist, Hufflepuff, I hate conflict, and I’m way more driven by purity of intent than rewards and punishments…so don’t expect to lure me with sparkly promises. I’m also The Mediator and forever Switzerland with an uncanny (and sometimes annoying) knack for seeing and feeling both sides of an issue. (If you don’t know your personality type, I highly recommend taking this quiz!)

In other words, give me your true self with an open heart and good intent, and I’ll be by your side fighting your battles with you. (Yes, I know I said I hate conflict…but I hate seeing those I care about suffer even more.)

You should totally stick around here if….

  • You’re a single mom (or might be one soon) who’s both ecstatic and petrified of what the future holds.
  • You are into natural living (I’m no crunchy life overlord — it’s ok if you use turmeric for an aching knee but ibuprofen for your migraine. You don’t have to hide your Skittles addiction from me, either.)
  • You miss feeling like the old you, full of energy and life.
  • You struggle with the idea of “routine” and shudder at the thought of a typical 9-5 career.
  • You just want the freedom to be with your kids and live a life of passion and freedom (even if that passion is actually watching Netflix in your pj’s on the couch while drinking coffee with kids hogging all your space.)

Random yet insightful facts about me:

  • My family moved from my true hometown right before I started high school —twice — which ended up being both the most traumatic yet wonderful thing to ever happen to me. I learned how to spend time with myself, my family, and a type of perseverance and ability to be friends with all types of people that I may never have developed had we stayed in the status quo.
  • I graduated from the University of Florida with a BS in Psychology in only 3 years. I did a semester of my MSW Boston College but it turns out social work is super depressing and wasn’t for me.
  • I lived a summer in London interning on a psych unit with young kids.
  • I’ve skied the Austrian Alps in July, rappelled in a Swiss ravine, and swum in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans.
  • I had 2 home waterbirths.
  • I have an odd obsession with YA novels. Can I help it if sparkly vampires and surviving hunger games are so appealing?
  • LOST & Gilmore Girls are my favorite tv shows.
  • I’ve seen somewhere around 20 Broadway shows. I’ve seen Les Miserables 5 times in 2 countries. I’ve seen Rent 3 times in 3 countries.
  • Oh yeah. I love to actually perform too (as do my kids) so we are super active in our local theatre!


As exciting as all these things make me sound…I’m just a mom of 3, living in a tiny Virginia town, working hard to make an awesome life for us.

Enough About Me…

Personally, I think YOU have some super special awesome gift to give to the world and it’s just sitting there inside your brain, but you’re too scared and beaten down by life to actually figure out how to use it.

My goal: to help you break down those walls and fight that demogorgan that’s making you too afraid to share your true authentic self with the rest of us.

If you think about it, it’s almost selfish of you not to accomplish this. You’re freaking awesome. I can feel it.

I’ve built a wellness business doing just that: helping moms feel — and BECOME — their best selves.

I’m here for you.

It starts with you…

There’s a good chance you’re feeling tired, alone, burned out, and maybe even a little depressed or anxious. I know for a fact you’ve got to be sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!

All you have to do is decide that you want to change and commit to taking the first baby steps.

How, you might ask? You can get your toes wet by joining my awesome and supportive community here. 

Or, if you’re really ready to jump in and start working with me one-on-one to make your life better, contact me here!

Get the Support You Need.

Thrive in spite of it all.

What the heck do I know, anyway?

My health story starts after the birth of my third child. While I had not really been into working out before then, I hadn’t had much trouble with my weight since getting married. Things changed, however, after the years of little sleep from my oldest having sleep issues, compounded by my youngest’s health issues. I spent many sleepless nights listening to her cry, moan, and yell in her sleep. Watching Wonder Pets at 2am became the norm. I spent hours and hours, day after day, online trying to research solutions. We saw 3 GI’s and 4 allergists, with no real answers. She had 2 endoscopies, a swallow study, blood tests, and even spent 2 months on elemental formula by the time she was four. The stress was, as you can imagine, immense. It wasn’t until I came upon some research and a group of moms online with kids with similar issues that I finally found an answer and could lead the doctors to help her! She had fructose malabsorption and small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO.) We worked with renowned specialist and naturopath Dr. Allison Siebecker, and for the first time in my little girl’s life, she was pain-free!!

Unfortunately, my daughter’s journey left scars on me. I was overweight no matter what I did, I was tired yet could not sleep the night and had insomnia, I was bloated, and discovered I had food intolerances along the way. I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and SIBO. On top of that, my midwife diagnosed me with premature ovarian failure — I was basically in menopause at the early age of 35. There is hope, however, that this might resolve once I heal my adrenals and gut.

It’s been a long, obnoxious, and draining battle that often feels like it will never end. Yet with time, nutrition, self-care, and adaptogens, I’m optimistic about being 100% one day!

My single mom story actually started after our second child was born and my once sober husband fell off the wagon. It was the beginning of a decade of ups and downs — a never-ending roller coaster that I couldn’t get off of. Eventually, I had to take control of the ride before we were all run off the tracks.

It hasn’t been easy.

We each have our own story and I know it hasn’t been easy for you, either.

I’m here to help you get to 110% too. You don’t have to do it alone, and you don’t have to start from scratch. I have the knowledge and experience to make it easier for you! Let’s work together to be our best selves and Ignite Your Life!

Oh yeah, and that business story…

I’ve always wanted to work in a helping capacity (it’s apparently an inevitable route to happiness according to my personality test results.) My journey with my kids’ health and eventually my own increased my drive to do so even further. What if I could help other moms avoid the anguish we went through?

I created my first business as a hobby but within a couple of months realized it was my ticket out of a miserable life of coexisting with alcohol abuse. I finally saw freedom as a possibility in my life in a way that also didn’t mean leaving my children for 60 hours a week just to make ends meet.

Even better? I freaking loved what I was doing.

I pushed that business into the top 0.1% of my company, earned trips, and helped other moms on both their health and freedom journeys. Oh yeah, I also finally grew the confidence and financial ability to get myself and my children out of a negative situation.

Now I’m branching out into one-on-one wellness coaching, am a certified nutrition coach, am a certified fitness instructor, and doing what I love most: helping people heal from the inside out with all natural adaptogenic herbs that can be tailored to your body’s exact needs. As a rising specialist with my new company, I’m already a top performer and mentor.

Not only can I mentor you and help you learn to do the same, I can help you learn how to build a growing and successful social media presence so you can earn money from home instead of leaving your kids all the time. I’m totally typing this from my couch right now, in my pajamas, as I drink coffee. Soooo cliche, I know…but it’s true. I’ve built my blog to be a top 5 performer from right here. What can I say?

I’m looking for more moms like you who are ready to work hard, grow, and create their own destinies. Click here because we should totally talk!