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ADHD Help: Fidget Spinner

Has your household been bit by the fidget spinner craze yet? Mine sure has! My girls like them just because they’re cool and fun, but for my son, I’m hoping it helps keep his hands busy and his mind more focused.

I realize teachers at schools have been inundated with every child wanting to use them to “concentrate” and I definitely feel for them. I can see how 20 of these things spinning all day would be maddening! But for the kids who really need to fidget, these are pretty cool and quiet. Occupational therapists have used various fidgets to help people concentrate for years.

What I didn’t realize, until my son researched it, was the vast variances in quality out there. Or colors, sizes, number of paddles…OMG! They aren’t all created equal. There are different bearing materials to think about, too. There are big ranges in prices as well, with them starting at as little as $3 and going up over $30!

With so many fidget spinners to choose from, we settled on one in the middle of the price range, with high ratings for quality. I see no point in paying less for something cheap that will break and I will end up needing to replace. That game always costs me more money in the long run! This particular fidget spinner comes in two different colors. The bearings are really good quality and it spins quietly. I like the smooth feel of the plastic and the device as a whole has a nice weight to it. It spins very smoothly and the caps are concave so they feel really nice in your fingers. My son actually spun this on table and timed it — it spun for over FOUR minutes! Pretty cool!

I don’t think you can go wrong giving this one a try. Their customer service appears great from reviews, and I even received an email from them directly before I received it to make sure we had a good experience.

Have you tried a fidget spinner yet? Has it helped your child with ADHD?