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Allergies :(

I’ve come to the suspicion that Lucy might have some food allergies. 🙁 While we were in Disney, a couple different things happened. She played on one of those rubberized playground surfaces and while still playing there developed a dry, scaly rash on both of her knees. Also, she ate canteloupe for the first time and developed a similar rash on her bottom. Sadly, those play surfaces can contain latex, and canteloupe is actually a related allergy. I’m afraid she might have some kind of latex allergy, and an allergy to the related foods along with it. I was hoping I was wrong. Monday she ate some pear (not from me…her sister dropped it on the floor!). She seemed find at first, so I was hopeful. You see, pears are also part of the same family (raw potatoes, pears, apples, melon, canteloupe, pineapple, mango, kiwi, strawberries, papaya, peach, and mango) so I would not have given that to her on purpose. Wednesday she seemed ok, so I gave her a little bit more. That evening I noticed a horrible rash on her legs. 🙁 She has not eaten any other foods, nor have I seen this on her body before. I’m still hopeful it’s some kind of coincidence, but I just don’t know. I’ve since given up the foods on the list above too since she is breastfeeding (and will be of course for another couple years). I had also noticed she was not sleeping well once we moved to our new house…which is when we got our fancy blender and started having smoothies daily….which would be when I started having bananas and strawberries daily. *sigh* My mom has always had problems with many of the fruits above, and I looked up her reactions, and they are anaphylactic…so we have a family history. I also learned recently I’m allergic to kiwis. My poor baby. What the heck is she going to eat?