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It’s Always the Lack of Preparation that Gets me!

You know, I can be doing great at eating well and really nourishing my body…like really well!! And all it takes is just not being prepared one day and BAM! I’m derailed. You know how it is. Suddenly you don’t have something prepped to eat quickly and you’re starving, so you find yourself grabbing anything in site that’s fast — cereal, chips, cookies….oops. It’s like you come out of a blackout and look around like “what have I done?”

Ok that’s an exaggeration, but I know you know what I mean! Then there’s all the food that gets thrown away. That $.99 pineapple I was so excited about isn’t exactly a deal anymore now that it’s molding on my counter. Oops. Yeah, I did that. Soooo lame. Total waste of my hard earned money!

The best way to ensure your success (and lack of waste) is to prep your food as soon as you buy it. I know, I know, I hardly want to deal with just putting the food away after I’ve grocery shopped, let alone start chopping up food…but it’s a necessary evil. When I do it, the fruits and veggies are gobbled up by all quickly and I don’t have waste. (TIP: hide portions for yourself in the extra fridge if you have one, or behind something gross if you don’t.)

It’s also smart to brown up and cook some meats, or at least when you do get around to cooking some, cook up extra. I don’t really tolerate eggs, so I tend to eat a lot of ground turkey at breakfast. It helps me get the protein I need to start the day, and I usually mix it with some veggies so I can start getting those in early. (Confession: I don’t really like veggies, I eat them because I have to to be healthy, so I like to get them out of the way.) I do love to cook up and season some turkey various ways, and mix it up with some butternut squash. Lots of colors and nutrients, and it has a savory and sweet combo I love! Plus I can cook a whole squash at once and just keep taking out servings for days. This saves me lots of time and prevents me from grabbing something less healthy!

Up next….meal planning. Because even though we hate it, we really do have to do it. Want to get a jumpstart? Download my free meal plan here. It has a week of dinners for you and your family, and even includes a shopping list so it’s truly grab and go! #winning