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An Early Christmas Present!

Wow…there really is a Santa Claus!!! John got a phone call from the detailer yesterday, and finalized a possibility that only came to be on Thursday. We are in total shock…we are no longer moving to Puerto Rico… we are heading to Key West instead!!! We are so completely, totally excited…we can’t believe it!! We’re heading back to Florida and it’s fantastic. Not that we had a problem with Puerto Rico, we actually had a lot to look forward to there. Logistically, however, remaining in the continental US is MUCH less complicated. Plus, we can drive to my parents’ whenever we want…PR required airplanes and planning and money. This time next year, we can celebrate Christmas in Margaritaville under a green palm tree, in our tanks and flip-flops…the way it was meant to be! 😉

The detailer wished us all a Merry Christmas, and that it shall be!