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This is the beginning of anything you want.

It’s time for you to become.


• Become your best self
• Become a part of something larger than yourself
• Become successful
• Become a leader


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You don’t have to do it  alone


Do you find yourself:


  • wishing for the chance to make a significant and lasting contribution to the world?
  • dreaming of being surrounded by like-minded individuals who share the strong desire to help others live healthier, happier lives?
  • longing to be a part of a community – and company – where you feel truly important and loved?


With me as your mentor, you can have all this and more.

When you put your trust in me, you will become more than just another entrepreneur

  • A simple, step-by-step training system. I have a system in place that helps you get started learning and succeeding almost immediately! You’ll become certified in the products and get top-notch training to help you launch your new business and quickly reach the next level.


  • One-on-one accountability and support. Not only will you have me to help you every step of the way as you build your new business, I’ll connect you with an accountability partner with similar goals.


  • Weekly strategy and training calls with me. Not to mention constant contact via text and phone to answer all your questions along the way! Plus, get exclusive strategy sessions with *my* mentors, who have extensive internet marketing training and leadership experience.


  • Your life has to work, too. Unlike other organizations, our focus isn’t just on revenue — we want you to feel personally fulfilled, balanced, and happy, too. Through my mentorship, I’ll make sure you accomplish just that. Entrepreneurship can become all-encompassing of your life — but it shouldn’t be. Happiness doesn’t come when you reach some chosen point of success…it’s a way of life!


Are you ready to be set up powerfully for success like never before?

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Stop feeling spammy, and start building You, Inc.

I’ll teach you how.

People want to do business with you because of YOU, not your product! Think about it. Whatever company you represent, whatever product you sell, people can buy it from any number of sources. Amazon, eBay, other reps…your goal is to show them why they should buy it from YOU. What makes you different and special? What amazing things do you have to offer your clients and community? That’s what sets you apart!

So why are you marketing your products when you should be marketing yourself?

You don’t have to do anything alone, because we always have your back.

I am not a number…and neither are you. But I *used* to feel like one all the time. Though I offer my own one-on-one wellness coaching now, I do also represent an amazing company that helps people get healthy again naturally. It’s not the first company I’ve worked with though.

*Let’s back up a little*

In the past, if I had a problem, I had to contact support that was outsourced to people who never even worked truly within the company. They read scripts and really had no clue what I was talking about half the time. I knew the policies better than they did. Even if I escalated an issue higher up, I was nothing. The only thing that truly mattered to them was their bottom line. Their system was stacked to make it difficult for me to earn money or even take proper care of my clients.

*Back to Now*

I had an issue recently that was majorly important to me. I know for a fact there would have been zero done about this if I’d been with my old company. I would have been left high and dry, and scrambling. And in a complete panic. But instead of calling some random person overseas with a script, I was able to text one of the founders — because I actually know them — and after confirming the standard way something is done that I did not realize, he went OUT OF HIS WAY to help a sister out and resolve it for me and keep me from a bad situation.

We truly make you feel like family, because you matter!

I’ll help you become your best

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Who am I?

My business story…

I’ve always wanted to work in a helping capacity (it’s apparently an inevitable route to happiness according to my personality test results.) My journey with my kids’ health and eventually my own increased my drive to do so even further. What if I could help other moms avoid the anguish we went through?

I created my first business as a hobby but within a couple of months realized it was my ticket out of a miserable life of coexisting with alcohol abuse. I finally saw freedom as a possibility in my life in a way that also didn’t mean leaving my children for 60 hours a week just to make ends meet.

Even better? I freaking loved what I was doing.

I pushed that business into the top 0.1% of my company, earned trips, and helped other moms on both their health and freedom journeys. Oh yeah, I also finally grew the confidence and financial ability to get myself and my children out of a negative situation.

But, my days with my first company were numbered, unbeknownst to me! As time went on, the changes they made were no longer in alignment with my goals and ethics, and I began to feel very unimportant and insignificant. It seemed like I was failing when in fact…I was just about to truly start to fly.

Now I’m branching out into one-on-one wellness coaching, am a certified nutrition coach,  a certified fitness instructor, and doing what I love most: helping people heal from the inside out with all natural adaptogenic herbs that can be tailored to your body’s exact needs. As a rising specialist within my current company, I’m already a top performer and mentor.

Also…I feel loved, appreciated, and like I’m a part of something so much bigger than myself. I  didn’t even fully realize what I was missing before…do you?

This is the beginning of anything you want.

Eventually, everything connects.

When you have the right mentors not only guiding you but working alongside you, anything is possible. Stop feeling stuck and start moving forward.

It’s not the end, it’s the beginning…


Right when we feel like everything is coming apart, we are usually on the verge of massive growth. Don’t let your current situation define you nor deter you from your dreams.


Let’s chat.

Keep Moving Forward