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Beating Inflammation

You know, it’s amazing how much inflammation can affect things. Not just the way you feel, but the way you look, too! For months, I feel like I have just been regressing. I was constantly bloated…the kind of bloating that makes you look like you’re several months pregnant. It was really depressing. I ate healthy foods, exercised 5-6 days a week, and just couldn’t make a difference in how I looked. That is, until I tried the Wahl’s Protocol.

Terry Wahls actually reversed her debilitating MS with this eating plan. My good friend reversed her Lyme disease. I’d done SCD several times, and sometimes it helped, but lately it just didn’t seem like it was doing anything for me anymore. Have you seen the movie 28 Days? A particular quote came to mind. “The definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over expecting a different outcome.” That’s what I was doing! And it was time for something new.

I cut out sugar and starches (again.) What was attractive about this new plan was less restrictions overall, and more inclusion. For example, I’m supposed to eat 3 cups of greens daily, 3 cups of sulfur veggies, and 3 cups of colorful fruits and veggies. I can’t quite consume enough sulfur veggies yet due to my issue with FODMAP foods, but I’m hoping this will start to heal and my tolerance will go up. But I get to eat all sorts of delicious foods, and find myself pushing to get them all in vs constantly thinking about all the things I can’t eat…which was always going through my head with SCD. Deprivation and the feelings that go along with it is not good for your mental health, and leads to binging and guilt.

The best part? It’s working. I lost over 10 pounds in 2 weeks, my clothes fit, my energy is up, and overall I’m feeling better. The weight I dropped was inflammation from my body feeling overloaded with crap. I’m on the path to healing, and hopefully this time I can listen to my body enough to help it stick and finally come out on the other side.

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