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Children’s Clothing &Chemical Burns

So have you heard the latest yet? Those tagless clothing we all thought was an awesome idea….wasn’t. That plasticky ink contains chemicals, and is causing rashes, burns, oozing blisters…the works. Nice, eh? Makes an itchy tag sound like a walk in the park! The best is these things are happening on BABIES. The biggest culprit at the moment seems to be Carter’s clothing, specifically their Fall 07 line with a larger label. If you call Carter’s, they are actually sending parents prepaid boxes to ship the clothing back to them for a full refund. They are not, however, “officially” recalling yet. Gotta keep hush-hush on these things, you know? There are a number of blogs recording the data, and it isn’t pretty. And it may not be just Carter’s. Gap insists their labels are pthalate and pvc free, which is good. BTW, did you know many of those plasticky inks contain pthalates, which were just banned from childrens’ toys by Congress? It’s probably a good thing to have sitting their skin 24-7 then, huh? I hate fricking corporations. I liked Carter’s clothes too, they are soft. But of course now that I look at the label, it says, naturally, MADE IN CHINA. Why is this not surprising? Maybe bc China has poisoned our pets, their own babies…it’s sickening, really. Carter’s Burns Info

So, last year I became a nut about the toys we bring into our home, purged anything questionable, and thought we were good. I’m very picky about any toys allowed into our home, especially for they baby. Nothing from China. Mostly wood. Now it seems I have to get crazy about our clothes. So please, no tagless labels here this holiday season. No plastic toys (except Legos, they are made in Canada and Europe and have been cleared by Mama). In fact, if you could get us organic or anything that is made anywhere but China, I’d be very appreciative. It’s quite possible anything else will end up at goodwill.