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So wow, YouTube won’t let me play my video either (Facebook also pulled my upload of Lucy’s Birth, set to music from the Meet the Robinsons soundtrack). Really???? I mean, it’s just montage of my pics set to nice music. That is so crazy. I mean, I understand artist’s rights and all, but I did buy my copy of the song legally on iTunes, I’m not making any money on my use of the song, I’m only giving them positive exposure…so what’s the big deal? I can’t make musical picture montages anymore to share with friends and family unless I compose the songs myself, or apply for copyright permission from the recording studio? RIDICULOUS. Seriously people, aren’t there bigger things to take care of? Aren’t people still stealing songs off the internet? This is so stupid.

I mean, honestly, what about all the movie and tv clips on YouTube? Shouldn’t those all be deleted too? It’s insane that those last so long yet an innocent family photo montage is caught upon uploading by a software system. Total BS.