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Simplify: Decluttering and Tidying My Life | Part 2

I’m doing a big declutter challenge, and it feels ahhhmazing. Maybe it’s because the divorce is finally in process, and it feels good to get rid of/let go of reminders of the past. We’ve lived in our new place almost a year, so you’d think it would have been picked through beforehand, but really I was just shoving everything in boxes and just getting out of there.  Plus, I’m less emotionally attached to certain items now. I’m also noticing that there are items that even though pretty, I just don’t want them around anymore for various reasons. Things I thought I liked have more negative energy surrounding them than I realized. It’s time to really start over. (Plus, this house a wreck, with more stuff than we can store nicely.)

Where to Start?

I recommend we all start with the master bedroom. Why? Because if you’re like me, you’re always cleaning everywhere else first. The public areas of the house are always the first to be picked up — kitchen, family room, dining room. Then, probably the kids’ rooms and bathroom. But our room? Nah. As usual…mom comes last!

I’d like to feel like a grown up again with a neat, clean room I can relax in.  Did you ever watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition? I used to love that show! And one of the best parts was always when Ty made the master bedroom his special project. He always turned it into a beautiful retreat. I know I will feel some peace and sanity at the end of each day when my own personal space is clutter-free!

Getting Down to Business

My first step was the drawers.  The clothes were just too much! I moved my winter pj’s to the armoire, and folded them tidily as suggested by the Kon Mari method. I’m trying to toss every item that is worn, and doesn’t bring me joy. Of course I’m poor so I can’t pare down toooo much…but as much as possible. I made 3 donation bags and a bag of garbage from the laundry piles and my dresser. This amazed me, because it’s not like I have 36 pairs of shoes, etc. I have a small wardrobe compared to most women. But even so, if I’m not gonna wear it, it needs to go!!!

Next, I worked on my closet. It’s really the space I’ve given the least attention since we moved in here a year ago. I just shove stuff in there and forget it exists. (Great plan there, Amy…) It felt SO GOOD to just finally let go of certain clothing items because I didn’t love them. Same with shoes, too. I know I don’t have enough shoe options in general, but that doesn’t mean I should keep ones that I didn’t even bother to wear all winter this year. Why was I holding on to them? I was able to create enough space in my closet to clear out the corner of my room that I have bookmarked for a desk, when I find one for the right price. This does leave me with a box and a stack of photo albums on the floor of my closet, but that’s so much better than a pile of clutter in the corner of the living space of my bedroom.

I’ve had a wall hanging sitting on the floor of my room since I moved in. Yes, a year ago. I always liked it, but today I realized it was time to let it go. I wasn’t dying to hang it. I couldn’t figure out where to hang it. Truth be told…it just didn’t bring me joy anymore. It was time to say goodbye.

All in all, I removed 52 POUNDS of junk and unused items from my home. Isn’t that crazy? It makes me super excited to get to the next section of the house. I don’t know why I haven’t been this specific about my decluttering before. I guess I just wasn’t ready.