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How a Simple Detox Can Cure BV

detox bacterial vaginosis bv

As you know, I fought a roller coaster of a battle against BV (bacterial vaginosis) over this past year. After trying everything the doctor recommended (oral antibiotics, vaginal antibiotic cream, an internal moisturizer….) the only thing that helped keep it at bay were those probiotics. But honestly, that wasn’t enough. Yes, they were working, but if I wasn’t taking them daily, symptoms would creep back until I did again. I was basically just using a band-aid to keep the infection under control.

What I really needed to do was change my gut.

Our gut really does rule our body. It is the center of our immune system, where we make the bulk of our serotonin (and strongly related to depression, etc.), and where we house an amazing array of bacteria that keep our body running smoothly and inflammation at bay!

For one reason or another, the probiotics weren’t really helping colonize in my digestive tract. The hope when you take probiotics is that they will start to change your gut environment so the right bacteria begin to flourish naturally, and even after months of taking them, I wasn’t any closer to that goal.

There is, however, more to gut health than just probiotics. Bacteria need the right environment to live and reproduce in AND they need things like bad bacteria, fungus, metals, and parasites removed in order to make a hospitable environment for the good bacteria. The goal? Homeostasis, where your body is set up to function properly once again.

Reset Your Gut

What my body needed was a full-on reset. I did it with an herbal adaptogen cleanse for 14 days. I was a little skeptical. Hopeful, of course, but I had tried so many things to make a difference already — could this really work?

Every morning and evening I drank a fiber drink mixed with a greens drink (and hey, it actually didn’t taste half bad) and took a couple of capsules filled with goodies like chlorophyll to stir up toxins and metals plus charcoal and bentonite to help remove them easier, and adaptogens to help things move along faster and clean things out a bit. And no, it didn’t leave me running for the toilet every 5 minutes either.

What I did notice within the first couple days is I was suddenly sleeping better. Like, I hadn’t slept the night through in literally 15 years. Now, I’m out like a light and I don’t wake up til morning!! I started to feel more clarity and a bit more energy. A month out now, my food sensitivities are even decreasing with a continued gentle detox plan (because my body is majorly messed up, dude.)

Know what I haven’t done in the past month and a half? I haven’t taken those expensive, high-dose probiotics daily, or really…at all. I’m still taking a probiotic because it’s part of resetting your gut health, but it’s one that didn’t seem to do *anything* for me in the past. The detox has reset my body that much!

It feels so good not to be constantly worried about and battling with BV. Am I completely done fighting it? Not quite. Am I on the road to actually healing my body and banishing the issue once and for all? Definitely!

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