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Drinking Bone Broth to Fight Inflammation

What’s important to understand is that chronic inflammation — and almost all illness — is linked to leaky gut. You gut controls your immune system, your brain, almost everything! So what exactly is leaky gut? Basically, it means your gut lining has been compromised from poor food choices, stress, and generally not taking care of your body the way you should. It’s actually estimated that a majority of the US has leaky gut in some form or another. The gut lining then allows molecules to pass through that normally wouldn’t, irritating the rest of your body, and leading to join pain, etc. The villi in your intestines are damaged, and thus you release less enzymes to digest and absorb nutrients, and then bacteria start to eat and multiply on the undigested food, and the cycle just continues down hill.

Eating to nourish our bodies is SO much more important than we realize. It’s not enough to “eat healthy” (or what most Americans¬†think is healthy.) We have to listen to our bodies, to our symptoms, and really think about the exact things we are putting in our bodies. Processed foods aren’t going to cut it. Sure, a bowl of Total has “all your vitamins and minerals”….but it’s not nourishing you. It’s crappy, processed, unreal food with artificial vitamins to make it seem healthy. You probably won’t even absorb the nutrients. Eating foods in their whole, most natural forms whenever possible is really best!

Did you know that most of the serotonin in your body is actually in your digestive tract? I know, crazy, right? We always hear about it in relation to the brain and depression. We take SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) to treat depression. But…do you know where that shortage of serotonin often begins? That’s right, in the gut, as a result of leaky gut.

Science also is showing that there is no autoimmune disease without leaky gut, either. They go hand in hand, and it’s also becoming apparent that leaky gut comes first…making it more important than we ever realized to treat our bodies with love. What we eat really does make a difference.

One thing we can do to help heal leaky gut and give ourselves incredible nutrients is to drink bone broth. Nana’s chicken soup really was healing! It’s full of goodness like gelatin, collagen, glutamine, and glycine for healing and soothing the gut lining, plus loads of minerals. It helps with skin, hair, and nails too!

While bone broth isn’t terribly complicated to make (just simmer the bones from a chicken, beef, etc for 3-24 hours in a pot of water, and add veggies as desired for flavor), I still find it an annoyance to do it regularly, plus I forget a lot! Also, it can be boring to drink it all the time. What I really love is Dr. Axe’s Bone Broth Protein powder! It comes in a bunch of delicious flavors, and makes it SO easy to get my bone broth in. Currently I’m sipping on apple cinnamon, which I like to make hot like apple cider. I also have coffee and chocolate, which I like to blend into a cold smoothie-like drink. It’s portable, it’s fast, it’s simple, and it gives more flavor variety than just plain old broth. Let me know if you give it a try!