erase lunch debt

FACT: IWCS has over $50,000 in school lunch debt right now

FACT: $3700 stands in the way of every graduating senior being allowed to walk in their graduation ceremonies.

FACT: We, as a community, have the compassion and ability to come together and erase lunch debt!

Phase 1: Erase Senior Lunch Debt

We have a local crisis at hand. Due to school lunch debt, we have seniors in our town who won’t get to take part in graduation. These are kids who have put in their time and hard work and have earned their way to this right of passage!!

We need to raise $3700 by June 2nd in order to prevent anyone from being left out. This is going to have to be a COMMUNITY effort, and I just know we are up to it!

How can you help? You can click below to donate, or donate in the jars that will soon be around town (currently there is one at Wharf Hill Brewing Co., Taste of Smithfield, True Value, Pagan River Wine Merchants, Smithfield Gourmet Bakery, Subway, Ringo’s, and Ray’s Import Auto), or you can buy raffle tickets ($5 each or 5/$25) at Wharf for the drawing to be held at our big event on June 6.

No one gets left behind. We can show these the kids all the love and support they have from their community and let them know we have their backs. Let’s give them the right start to their adult lives!

Please Donate Now So No Senior Is Left Out!

All proceeds go directly to the IWCS nutrition funds for lunch debt

Erase Lunch Debt Donation

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  • Every amount helps, no matter how big or small!