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Fencing and crawling

Woohoo!!! We finally got our fence up! Actually, I shouldn’t say “we”, it was really John and my Supafly Uncle David who did it. It’s so nice to just let Bunny out now, and I don’t have to worry my head off if Lilli plays outside. Once we get some grass growing I’ll take some pictures!

Lucy got to use the bath seat for the first time…and LOVED it!!! She was so happy to be sitting on her own in the tub with Lillian. They were so cute together!!!

Now here’s the killer….look what my little baby can do. Yeah, that’s right. She’s up on her knees. Not crawling yet but starting to do that little rocking thing they do. I’m in so much trouble! Mickade was army crawling by 4.5 months, but didn’t hands and knees crawl til much later, like 10 mos. Lilli crawled at 8 mos. Lucy is going to be crawling at 5 mos, aaah!!! I need to get babyproofing don’t I?