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Follow Your Dreams

I gotta say…it’s never too late to start new things and chase your dreams. I know it’s kind of cliche sounding, but it’s true! And if you’re going through divorce or separation, it’s even more important, in my opinion, to keep reinventing yourself and moving forward.

I’ve loved theatre for as long back as I can remember. In fact, you all missed out on some amazing performances of Les Miserables done as an incredible two-woman show by my sister and me. It’s really a shame we didn’t have cell phones with cameras back then to document it all (or is it?)

I actually found a notebook last year where I mapped out the things I hoped to achieve in my life, and one of them was directing a show. Acting was there too, and I started that last year…so this year seemed good as any to get going on that directing thing!

I was thrilled with the opportunity to help direct our homeschool coop’s drama class. Working with the kids all year was awesome — I really love these kids. Watching them grow throughout the early days, auditions, and rehearsals was an incredible experience. They learned, grew, and changed so much. I was literally stunned at how far they came!

Tonight was their performance, and when I think about how well they did tonight when they only got on the actual stage for the first time 2 days ago — wow! I am SO incredibly proud of them.

So while tonight wasn’t quite my Broadway debut, it was just another venture in continually improving myself and chasing those dreams I made so long ago. You can’t be afraid to put yourself out there and take some chances. If you’re going through tough times, you can’t become a hermit and shut out the world. You can’t give up on you. You gotta dig deep and find that little girl with dreams you once were — she’s not lost inside you, you just haven’t been listening hard enough to hear her!