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Go Pats!!

We went to Applebee’s to watch the Patriots beat San Diego last Sunday. It was fun and the kids actually lasted the whole game!

We went to breakfast before bringing my mom to the airport…and got a good shot of my belly at 34 weeks 4 days. 🙂 I hit 35 weeks yesterday, woohoo!!

We did a test run on the birthing pool a few days ago, and it went very well. (We got the Birth Pool in a Box.) I can’t believe how long the water stayed warm…almost 3 hours!!! That means it will be no problem to siphon out a little water here and there and replace it with hot water to keep it warm enough. I plan on filling it up as soon as labor begins to be safe, in case it goes quicker than last time. It takes over an hour to actually fill, so I’d rather have to warm it up every now and then than risk it not being filled at all when I need it! The kids, by the way, LOVED the pool. We had it all filled and warm and figured why waste it? The kids and I played in it for a while, then Lilli stayed in the pool and watched Aquamarine so she could act out being a mermaid while she watched…she was in complete heaven. It was so cute! I tried to take a picture but of course that was when the batteries decided to die.