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An IBS and SIBO solution at last?

Do you suffer from bloating, food sensitivity, or abdominal pain?

For several years now, I’ve been on health journey to heal from adrenal fatigue and major gut issues. I’ve been diagnosed with SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth) in the past, and treated it more times than I count, with no long term success. I tend to feel great while on an antibiotic (be it pharmaceutical or herbal) or a very restricted diet, but relapse immediately afterward. It’s a cycle that is getting unbearable.

Did you know that recent studies show that people who suffer from SIBO have a lower quality of life than those with diabetes, asthma, and migraines? The chronic pain, bathroom visits, and food restrictions wreak havoc on our lives. SIBO is the leading cause of IBS, but SIBO itself has many different causes.

The most common treatment is with antibiotics, especially rifaximin. But…did you know rifaximin has a success rate of only about 40-60% depending on the type of SIBO? That means that since this drug is often not covered by insurance, you are possibly paying over $1000 for a treatment that is unlikely to work, and may have to be repeated regularly for any kind of effect. Plus, it kills off both the bad AND good bacteria in your gut, which can set off even more problems. Herbally, Allimed is a successful option (even more so than rifaximin, and it is the treatment we used to heal my daughter the last time she had SIBO) but again, it kills good and bad bacteria, and isn’t cheap. I used Allimed myself in the past, but only felt well while I was on it.

Recently I was back at the point where I was certain something awful was wrong with me. I was always uncomfortable and regularly had abdominal pain…and then this podcast showed up in my email box. Atrantil!!! I had forgotten all about it. I actually tried this when it first came out with success, and was even able to stray from my low FODMAP diet and enjoy foods made with garlic and onion when we went out. For whatever reason, I stopped using it (I guess I thought I was “cured”) and as my life got crazy, I forgot about it…but my body continued to hate me.

I got a new bottle in the mail on Monday, and no joke, it’s the bomb dot com. I was feeling totally crappy, but this herbal blend made me feel better almost immediately. I had no pain that night, and I haven’t had a problem since despite chronically feeling awful before now. I’m never running out of this again! I plan to say on the high dose for 2 pills 3 times a day for a full month, and then taper down a bit if tolerated, and stick this out for the long term. I’m still researching how to incorporate diet into this (and how much it’s necessary) so I will keep you updated.

I LOVE that Atrantil isn’t truly an antibiotic, so it’s not destroying my gut flora. It only works in the small intestine, and basically disrupts the cycle of the unwanted bacteria, while also soothing and calming the digestive tract. Not everyone feels relief immediately like I did (and it’s likely that I felt better that fast this time because I had just gotten off metronizadole a week prior for an unrelated issue) but after 10-20 days, most people do. 

Please listen to this great interview with Dr. Brown, creator of Atrantil. It’s full of mind-blowing new info on IBS and SIBO, and how to treat it. Increase the quality of your life! You can order it here and have relief in your hands in just a couple of days.