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It was so hard to find activities when we were coming here…I thought, oh no, there must not be a lot for kids in that small town…boy were we wrong!!! With a little sleuth work, we discovered Key West has a plethora to offer young families!!

Southernmost Hockey
(inline hockey)
Key West Sailing Club
Young Navigators
City of Key West Rec
Coffee Mill Dance Studio (Despite what the site says, they do NOT require you pay for the whole session up front.)
Key West Library
Just4Kids Art Center
Key West Soccer **Sign up May 2 & 7 2009 at HOB….see website for details…allow late registration for transferring military families too!!!**
FREE Choir/Instrument music lessons at Bahama Village
Elie’s Place (gymnastics) (305) 294-3535
Key West Junior Football League (flag, tackle, and cheerleading prek and up) ***football sign up will be May 26-28 in the evening at the trailer behind the field…cheer tryouts are complete but there may still be room if you ask***
FKCC pool has swim lessons and swim team from infants up
Home Depot Kids’ Workshop – 1st Saturday of every month is a FREE program for kids to build something to take home…the staff down here is super friendly and helpful!
Karate (305) 293-0772‎
Kari’s Dance Factory
Sheriff’s Animal Farm 2nd Sunday of every month 1-3pm FREE


Another FYI, the Montessori Charter School is taking applications NOW through April 18 2009 for next year.

Also, school related…if you want to attend a school other than the one your child is zoned for, check here….applications are due April 18 2009!!! Map of school zones


There are also several summer camps available. There is a soccer camp, gymnastics camp, art camp at Just4Kids, the Boys & Girls Club, MWR Key West’s Youth Center, and a few more I’ll remember later. Key West is anything but boring!! 🙂

Key West Sailing Club
Boys and Girls Club (305)296-2258
MWR Youth Center (305) 293-4437 **Sign ups start May 11 2009**
Elie’s Place (305) 294-3535
Coffee Mill Dance Studio, call for details
Mel Fisher’s Mer Academy
Kari’s Dance Factory
Key West Soccer Camps **Sign up May 2 & 7 at HOB, see website for details**
Monroe County School District’s list of summer activities 2009
The library has summer reading programs and things for tweens/teens
Camp Bravo theatre camp

Once you live here, be sure to ask EVERYWHERE for a “locals’ discount”. We get 10% off at even Denny’s! Dante’s gives a generous discount, too. If you are military as well, check…some places have different discounts for locals and military…find out which is best for you to use where. 😉

First Sunday of every month is Locals Day…the Conch Train, Aquarium, Shipwreck Museum, and a few others are FREE to locals. 🙂

Hopefully this will be helpful to the newbies arriving in KW this transfer season! I’ll try to update as more comes around.