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Lawn Reform at Home

After our ginormous water bills last summer and the crispy grass we have to show for it, we knew we had to make some changes, but what exactly?  Then I came across this great website called  It was exactly what I was looking for!  We waste so much time, energy, and water on grass that isn’t meant to be grown where we plant it.  Sure it looks nice, after you dump tons of chemicals on it and clean drinking water on it…lots of water.  Lots and lots of water.  So this week, we started phase 1 of Operation Lawn Reform.

First, on a nice tease of a nice day, I mapped out in the front yard where we wanted to make a bed, and dug a border around it.



Then this weekend, Stephen and Mickade worked hard.  We got bricks that match our house, and they lined the beds with bricks.  Then they also laid cardboard over the whole bed to kill the grass beneath. (The Lasagna Method) This is a great method, because once it’s done it’s job, it disintegrates under the mulch and becomes compost.  We’re already recycling!  They covered all the cardboard with mulch, and it looks fantastic.  In another month or so we should be able to start planting our new plants.  Plants which will be native lovers of full sun and require little to no watering.  The plants will enhance the landscape and be SO MUCH MORE beautiful and interesting than boring old grass.  They will also attract butterflies and other helpful insects, while providing habitats for other small creatures.  Way better than grass, don’t you think????