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How to Treat a Cold Naturally

What do you take when you get that icky feeling that tells you you’re getting sick?

Please don’t tell me Dayquil!

There are so many reasons a pharmaceutical like that is not my first choice. First off, it doesn’t do anything to help my body heal. Instead, it masks the issues by controlling symptoms. Second, if I’m masking a fever, then I’m actually inhibiting my body’s ability to fight off an infection. The high temperature from a fever helps kill off bacteria and viruses. We don’t take fever reducers in our house unless a fever is very high or it’s bedtime. I choose to medicate at night most of the time because not sleeping isn’t super helpful, either. I’m not a huge fan of the ingredients in general, either.

A year or so ago, we were leaving for a family trip to Great Wolf Lodge when my older daughter started feeling sick. I wanted to cry for her — what awful timing! I had to find something to help her get better. I ran into Whole Foods on the way there and found Counter Attack by Rainbow Light, hoping it would at least help her not be sick as long.

That stuff turned out to be miraculous!

Not only did it help all of us not get sick or as sick when we took it, but it also actually helped us feel better in the same way cold medicine did, without any weird chemicals. The herbal blend used is amazing.

We were completely sold, and always make sure to have it on hand now! I was also especially happy to discover I could order it online for a lot less than grabbing a box at Whole Foods. It’s our number one go to when any of us is getting sick, because it actually works.