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Natural Health: Pain Relief

Even when once I was already a pretty crunchy mama, I still turned to advil for every ache and pain — even after seeing so many other various herbal remedies work amazingly. I just couldn’t believe that anything else could work as well when it came to pain.

At the same time, I knew taking NSAIDS (Aleve, Advil, etc.) wasn’t good for me.

Did you know that:

  • NSAIDS increase your risk for heart failure by 19%?
  • NSAIDS can cause GI damage like ulcers,
  • NSAIDS greatly contribute to leaky gut and cause a new case or a relapse after just a few days of use?

So a few years back when I hurt my knee exercising, I figured I would have to lay off for a few weeks. I was disappointed because I was making such good progress and really didn’t want to stop! Then a friend told me about turmeric.

I was completely skeptical, but decided to run to the health food store and give it a shot anyway.

I was stunned. It worked!

I couldn’t believe there was an herb that could actually help with pain to that extent. I was able to keep working out (while modifying to not cause further injury while it healed) and climb the stairs in my house with ease again. I was so excited!

As it turns out, curcumin, the active part of the turmeric root, is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories in the world! It even helps reverse various diseases related to inflammation.

When you look for a turmeric or curcumin supplement, be sure to find one that combines it with black pepper. Interestingly enough, black pepper enhances your body’s ability to absorb the curcumin greatly. You can also add turmeric to your diet, in things like turmeric tea, golden milk, or learning to use it to season more of your meals.