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It’s not always easy being the only parent

It is SO not always easy being the only parent, and it totally feels completely thankless at times.

I know the blood, sweat, and tears you shed each day to make sure you and your children do ok. Not even ok, but great. I know the standards you’ve set for your new lives together, and I know you can’t always meet them. Maybe you can’t meet them at all, except in love.

It’s been one of those weeks. You know, the ones where the fact that you are now responsible for everything really screams in your face. Literally I’ve ripped half the carpeting off the floor, my car died, a repairman stood me up, I missed my daughter’s last basketball game to work, blah blah blah. But seriously, my house was a wreck from all the running around, and I worked an 11 hour shift today. I was totally dreading going home to my kids and all their friends and the mess I’d left behind! So imagine my surprise when I came home and….the house was totally clean. My older daughter and her friend had totally cleaned it while I was gone — dishes, floors, bathrooms, clear counters, the works!!

My point is….all of our hard work isn’t totally wasted on our kids. Even though they may seem ungrateful at times, I don’t think they really are. They see what we do each day to keep things together. They see the sacrifices we make. They do understand on some level why we can’t be home as often as we wish.

Keep being that awesome role model, mama. Show them that a loving mom never gives up. Let them see how strong a woman can be. Set an example of someone who never gives up, and who loves them so much, she would sacrifice everything to keep them safe and happy.

Show them what a super mom really is! Because you are one. We all are.

We’re doing alright, mamas.