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Parenthood: Second Chances

Any Parenthood fans out there?

Tragedy struck me when I learned in talking to someone else about the how the show ended, and what she was saying didn’t make any sense….and that’s how I learned I never actually watched the finale of one of my favorite shows! Apparently, our DVR never recorded it when it aired, so basically, my whole life has been a lie. I literally saved the last episodes for almost a year because I was scared to have it be gone and over. (I grow attached to characters, sue me.) But, as decisions were made and I knew I was moving out (and thus would be canceling my Directv service and losing my equipment), I had to finally finish the series. I thought it ended with the birth of baby Zeek.

I so wish it had. Don’t get me wrong, the ending was absolutely beautiful, and the flash forwards gave so much closure……but……

I’m fucking wrecked. I cried for almost the full 42 minutes. So. Much. Feeling. I mean, ALL the feels. Especially after all I’ve gone through this past year. Aside from the obvious life changes of losing Zeek, the head of the Braverman family….

I cried for all of the pain of what was once my life, and all of what will never be, and all of what might be.

You see, I thought we would be like Julia and Joel. He would get sober, one of us could move out, and we could find our way together again. I really believed there was a chance deep down that the decade of addiction and lies and tears and hurt could be overcome. So when they got back together, it hurt. It was both beautiful and unfair at the same time. It was like watching the ghost of Christmas future and seeing what we could have had. So I cried for their happiness, for their new baby, and the pain of seeing a dream lost.

But then there was Sarah, more my soul sister than I ever admitted. She married the addict, but had a life of strife and turmoil I couldn’t relate to, but as a mom, we are one. Watching her second chance begin in the finale was a beacon of hope. 

The universe knows what it’s doing, and this episode came to me at the perfect timing, in reality. It would not have had the same impact on me 6 months ago. As I’m settling in to my new single mom life, I’m comforted knowing that happiness can be found again eventually. It might take a while, and there will be so many ups and downs, but by finding the good in what we have — the life we have actually been given vs the one we dream of, the unattainable vision we create in our mind’s eye — we can find it.