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Is Your Pitcher Full or Empty?

Sometimes, retreating to your own cocoon is all you can do to stay afloat. Self care is FOR REAL, ladies. I have felt my world implode around me these last few weeks. Like, take my breath away, panic attack, full on anxiety kind of thing. I can’t share the details at this point in time, just know those of you going through hard times right now….I get it. I really do. There’s nothing like suddenly worrying about your children’s safety to make you feel like you’ve been punched in the gut and cornered….fight or flight at it’s finest.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Before I get into anxiety — let’s get back into self care.

I didn’t feel like I was doing my best job at it the lately. I mostly felt like I was letting people down. I had a hard time being present for my clients and audience. I’m really not used to being the one needing support — I’m the giver, not the taker!

But that…that right there…is where we get ourselves into trouble. We want to be there for everyone, but we forget to be there for ourselves.

As it turns out though, I was doing much better than I thought — it just took some outside perspective for me to see it. I went in for my annual and started explaining to my nurse midwife all of the things happening in my life, and she was floored. Not because things are so messed up right now, but because of all I was still doing to keep things right for myself and my children. She was like, wait…you’re going through all that, AND you’re still helping coach others to be better, AND you’re eating decently, AND you’re even working out still?!

And I guess she’s right. Instead of seeing all I AM doing, I was seeing the things I wasn’t getting quite right (like getting the dishes done, for example, lol.) It turns out, all of this self care stuff I keep droning about ACTUALLY WORKS. I try to find a few moments to myself each day. I text or call a friend for a few minutes of venting, advice, or just plain conversation. I find time to cuddle up with my kids. Some nights, I skip whatever else is on my list and watch Gilmore Girls, because well Lorelai almost always has a way to cheer me up and help me escape! I watered my grass seeds by hand, just for the soothing sound and feeling of the water coming out of the hose. And yes, it meant stepping back from what I do here online temporarily.

Self care doesn’t mean being selfish. It’s making sure your pitcher is full so you have enough to share with those with you love.