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Power of CHOICE

Choices. We all make them a zillion times a day. Have you ever really thought how one choice can change the course of your life? Big or small, good or bad, every decision we make can altar the course, the quality, of our lives. Sounds so big and ominous, right? It doesn’t have to be. We have control over what we decide to do! There are 3 major pieces to creating the life you want.

1)If you want to change your results, you’ve go to change your decision making.

2) You decide the meaning of events and your reactions to them.What you focus on is what you feel!

3) YOU decide how you act in response to events in your life. Are you going to quit or get strong and focus?

Watch and listen to this motivational video about the power of choice. Tell me something you’re going to change TODAY in the comments!