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Putting Aside Differences for Successful Coparenting

Good coparenting means putting your differences aside for the betterment of your kids. The end of a marriage with children isn’t ever a complete ending. The two of us are forever connected via these three awesome beings who made us parents! We may not live together anymore, but we do have to communicate and see each other regularly, and it’s helpful if you can do so without completely hating each other…or at least if you can push those feelings aside when it comes to your children.

Mickade has been really sick for close to two months now. We suspected a bad sinus infection, and he’s been treated with two rounds of antibiotics and even prednisone…with zero relief! We finally got a referral to the ENT, and she said inside his nasal passages looks very allergy-ridden. He has a long history of major allergies, so this isn’t too surprising. His eczema has also been flaring really badly this winter.

However, the ENT offered nothing new for pain relief, and only referred him for a CAT scan, ultrasound, and to see a neurologist on the idea that he may have developed a headache condition now from the sinus issues. I’m not totally buying into this. Plus, tomorrow makes a week since his appointment with her and no one has called us to make any of those appointments yet. The ENT set his follow up for a month later. What, exactly, is my child supposed to do until then? He’s way behind in school work bc he can’t focus with the headache, and is missing out on other daily activities.

I decided to take my own action. First, we saw a chiropractor for sinus manipulation (which helped some.) I knew I had to make a bigger change though. He hasn’t had a carpeted room in years until we moved here. We did this on purpose because of his allergies. I had hoped maybe things were getting for him…but they aren’t. It was time to install hard floors in his bedroom.

To keep costs down, I was going to do it myself. I called up my ex and asked him if I could borrow a saw, and he instead offered to install the floors for me. Our son is sick, and he can do it super quick before he leaves for a couple weeks. Only payment? Dinner. I can do that!!!

I really wanted to do it myself to learn how, but it was in our son’s best interest to do it asap. His dad canceled his plans, postponed a paying job he had scheduled, and did what was needed for our child — even though it wasn’t even in his own house. I’m so thankful we can work together when our children need us!

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