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Are You Setting Goals or Making Excuses?

I think we are all guilty of it. We set goals, have dreams, and decisively say we will achieve them “someday.” But when is someday? Do you even know?

We are too busy, too tired, the kids are too young, the kids are too old, our jobs take too much time, the house isn’t finished…something is always there that we deem more urgent. WHY do we do this?

I’ve had this blog for close to a year, and I’ve always intended to work on it seriously. You know, later. When I have time. I’ve actually had blogs for years…and used them sporadically. I never fully committed. Because I was busy. I’ve composed so many posts in my head that I’ve never actually sat and typed out!

I’ve always wanted to expand my YouTube channel. I have loads of DIY videos, health info, motivation, and more to share. So many dreams I always push aside.

But this month, with help of my mentor, I’ve put an end to the excuses.

Have you noticed?

For almost four straight weeks, I’ve blogged and youtubed (is that a word?) 6 days a week. It’s made me realize just how ridiculous I’ve been. With the right motivation and some real commitment, there’s plenty of time to get these things done. And I’m loving it! I’m finally taking the leap and putting myself out there, and starting to share all of the information people ask me about all the time. And it’s FUN!

What’s stopping you?

What exactly is holding YOU back? Are your excuses valid, or is fear holding you back? It’s time to dig deep and think about these things. With your new life ahead of you, it’s even more important that you really dig deep and find yourself. Be authentic! The best way to do so is to live your dreams with your eyes wide open.