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Simplify: Decluttering and Tidying My Life | Part 4 Organizing Crafts

I’m still trudging on and decluttering at home, and yesterday came up with the BEST solution to organizing crafts for my daughter! Of course she likes to do her creating at the dining table in the middle of everything. It’s really the best place because of the floors, sink, and my ability to sort of keep an eye on what she’s doing. The mess though…ugh. We always have colored pencils, paints, brushes, glue, slime-making ingredients, clay, etc. everywhere! My dining hutch has literally become a craft storage unit…until today!

We have a closet right next to the table where we keep coats, the vacuum, and some other odds and ends, but it’s not big enough to do major storage or organizing in. It does, however, have a door…and I happened to have an unopened, clear shoe organizer that hangs over a door. Lightbulb moment!

This is seriously a genius moment for me. I’m pretty excited! I hung the organizer inside the door and started putting away craft items in the pockets. It’s amazing. The pockets are clear, so we can easily see what is inside each one. Plus there are 24 of them, so plenty of room to separate things out and really organize it all. Now at a mere glance, we can see where the colored pencils are and even pencil sharpeners to sharpen them with. It’s going to be really easy for her to put things away, and they are stored right next to the place she usually uses them all. I was even able to put her colored pencils in a pocket while still inside a cup! That means she can still store and keep them neat(ish) while she uses them.

Hope this helps you with organizing your crafts! Be sure to check out the rest of my decluttering series, starting here.