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Singing in the Rain

Well, not exactly singing…but playing football and cheering! Today was the first day the girls FINALLY had full uniforms, and boy did they look cute! And Lilli finally remembered to look forward during cheers after critiquing herself in the videos I uploaded yesterday. 🙂 The game started off great, Gators leading the Seminoles. It POURED for most of the game. Lots of wet children (and Mickade crying at one point). It was 22-16, then 30-16, with literally seconds to go. Awesome, a big win, finally!!! Wrong. That all changed in the last 60 seconds of the 4th quarter…it was tied 28…then we scored, missing the conversion, making it 34-28. The Noles (yes, the SEMINOLES, can you believe it? On my birthday???) tied it again, and with 9 seconds on the clock, got their 2 point conversion. The Gators gave it their all and managed 2 more plays those last 9 seconds, but gave the Seminoles their first win of the season, 34-36. 🙁

FYI for this and other videos on my blog: If you click on the actual picture when it starts, it will bring you to the regular YouTube site and you can then click to watch the video in high quality! 🙂

Then the UF Gators lost to Ole Miss. OLE MISS for crying out loud!!!! IN THE SWAMP!!!! What kind of birthday is this, anyway??????