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Stop Making Your Kids an Excuse

You know those things you’ve always wanted to do? Why aren’t you doing them?

Are you making excuses?

The laundry? It’s always gonna be there. Even if you wash every single thing that’s dirty tonight…everyone is going to take off their pj’s in the morning and put on new clothes. It’s never done. It’s never going away.

The dishes? Yep, those aren’t going anywhere either.

The kids? It’s never going to get easier, they will never take up less of your time. When they aren’t newborns in your arms, you’ll be chasing toddlers…and then doing crafts with preschoolers…and then you’ll be taking them to dance, baseball, soccer, music classes….and then you’ll be going to 3 varsity games a week or taking them to theatre rehearsal or… get the idea. The kids will ALWAYS be taking up your time, space in your ┬ámind, and be a huge part of your life.

Those kids you love, adore, couldn’t live without, waited your whole life to have — they aren’t an excuse for not working on your goals and life dreams. They are your freaking REASON!!! Don’t you want to show them anything is possible? That happiness is real? That you should follow your heart?

Be the example, mamas. What is one of your life’s dreams? Do you want to get back into theatre? Write a book? Volunteer more? Create a blog? An etsy store? I know it feels overwhelming, and like something you couldn’t really make happen right now. BUT YOU CAN.

I never thought I could get my blog going for real, or my youtube channel…but guess what? This month I committed to those two things, and I am so happy! I’ve done it 6 days a week, how crazy is that?

Choose a first step. What small step could you take each day to make it a reality? Start making products? Write for 15 minutes each night? Find a place to volunteer with the kids once a month? There are so many options, and they don’t have to be scary. You just have to choose one and follow through for 30 days. When that seems easy, add a new step. Even if it takes you a year, who cares? You’ll be moving closer and closer to accomplishment each day.

You deserve it. And think of what your kids will learn from watching you do it. Chances are, if you share your goals with them and they are old enough to understand, you’ll find them helping you and reminding you. Let them be a part of it if possible. My kids like to hop on my videos, take my photos, help me edit videos, etc.

Nothing is as hard as it seems before you begin.

Just go for it!

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