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Tailwind for Instagram: Hashtag Finder 2.0

tailwind for instagram hashtag finder 2.0

When you’re a mom trying to build a business and also, well, be a mom, time is everything! Having time can seem like a foreign concept when you’re running multiple social media accounts. If you’re also mom trying to grow a business and, well, be a mom, you know how much harder this balance can get. We all started this entrepreneurial journey to gain freedom…but do you really feel free when you are on your phone making your Instagram posts while you’re at their sporting events or pretending to watch their new trick riding their bike? Wouldn’t you rather have the opportunity to actually be present and see it all? Tailwind for Instagram Hashtag Finder 2.0 will give you that freedom.

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You know the struggle.

So there you are, you’ve taken the perfect photo. You’ve crafted the best caption. You’re so excited to hit post that you can hardly see straight!!!

But wait.

You need to hashtag it. But the wrong hashtags could mean zero likes.

No pressure.

So you start searching Instagram now for trending hashtags, trying to figure out which ones are best for you market, and trying to remember which ones you’ve used in the past (because naturally you aren’t organized enough to keep an easy list somewhere — that can’t be just me?) You told the kids you just need “2 minutes” but the expression on your kids’ faces tells you they know that was lie.

Boom! Tailwind for Instagram to the rescue!

tailwind for instagram hashtag finder 2.0

Tailwind makes managing your Instagram account infinitely simpler and less time-consuming.

Schedule your posts out for the week, month, however long you choose. Plus, Tailwind analyzes your account and helps you choose the BEST times to schedule your posts for maximum engagement. No more guessing and finger-crossing.

Set it and Forget it.

If you have a business Instagram account, it can not only schedule but automatically make the posts for you. No more setting alarms and having to remember to post in the middle of your daily activities.

Find a photo online somewhere?

With the app or browser extension, you easily grab and schedule with a simple click.

No more uploading photos from your phone to your laptop.

No need to upload photos from your phone to your computer. Start making your post in the app with the photo you took there, and easily continue on your computer.

Make hashtag lists to use later.

If you’re like me, you either have the best of intentions to save the hashtags you use all the time somewhere, or you do save them and have no idea where that somewhere is when you need them. With the hashtag finder tool, you can save your favorite lists, too, so you always have them at your fingertips when you need them! A literal click of a button to have whichever grouping you already know works added to your post.

Tailwind for Instagram’s NEW hashtag finder 2.0 makes figuring out the best hashtags for your post take seconds instead of minutes. And we all know how valuable our time is! Between scheduling your posts for the week all at once AND getting those hashtags chosen quickly, you ’ll have the ability to be present for your kids way more often.

tailwind for instagram hashtag finder 2.0

What’s New in Hashtag Finder 2.0?

Hashtags suggested as you type

Tailwind starts recommending hashtags even before you do any tagging of your own.

Shuffle hashtags

With 2.0, it’s easy to shuffle the hashtags and get new lists to help you discover the ones that are exactly right for you.

Hover over hashtags to see how popular they are

Why is that important? There’s a fine balance between choosing a hashtag that is crazy popular and one that gets “enough” searches. The goal is to maximize the time your post is shown on the top few squares of the either the “top” or “recent” search windows. When you use a hashtag that has millions of uses, you may only spend seconds to minutes at the top — not a very good way to get seen. When you use one in the hundreds of thousands or less, you could be there for hours or days. Finding a balance in that range from “niche” to “competitive” is ideal.

Dismiss tags you don’t want

It’s simple to dismiss the tags you don’t want to use as they come up, too.


Tailwind is an official partner of Instagram, so you don’t have to worry about getting your account shut down or suspended for violating Instagram policy.

See it in action:


Check out Tailwind for Instagram for yourself today with a FREE TRIAL!

You have nothing to lose and precious time to gain to live your life. You started your entrepreneurial journey to gain freedom, remember? Go give yourself some!

Amy On Fyre

PS Let me know in the comments what you think of this tool and the new changes! I want to learn how it’s helping you find more balance and freedom in your life.

taliwind for instagram hashtag finder 2.0