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How to Treat a UTI Naturally

UTI’s are a common ailment for women, most widely treated by antibiotics — but did you know they don’t need to be?

As I’ve discussed before, the overuse of antibiotics is a real problem that affects us ALL. The evolution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria (like MRSA) is becoming more widespread, so it’s really our duty to ourselves and future generations to use alternative products whenever possible.

When I was pregnant with my second child, I actually went into preterm labor because of an asymptomatic UTI. I was only 21 weeks along, so it was quite scary. We needed to cure it as soon as possible. Only problem? I was allergic to the antibiotics that were safe to use during pregnancy for urinary tract infections. What to do? I didn’t want to take something that could harm my baby, but also needed to get well to save my baby. My midwife recommended Cranactin, a cranberry extract in capsule form.

It was miraculous!

So much better than trying to drink glass after glass of cranberry juice (which I hate anyway) and super effective because it’s so concentrated. It’s even clinically proven.

Plus, it’s incredibly safe. During that pregnancy, for whatever reason, I kept getting asymptomatic UTI’s as per my urine samples every visit. We decided that I should remain on Cranactin for the duration of the pregnancy to keep the infection at bay…and boy did it work! She was born 4 days after her due date, after all that stressing about keeping her in!

If you are prone to UTI’s, keeping a bottle of this in your medicine cabinet is a must. It will save you loads of time and money, too. You’ll avoid the copay and time wasted at a doctor’s visit, and avoid the pharmacy. Plus, you protect your gut flora — which can actually help you prevent more UTI’s in the future.

How Can I Prevent UTI’s?

If you’re especially prone to them, you can do as I did during my pregnancy, and take Cranactin more regularly. BUT…there’s actually something better…PROBIOTICS!

The same fantastic probiotic blend I took to finally cure my bacterial vaginosis (BV), is actually also effective at preventing UTI’s. Our gut flora is pertinent to our female health in general. (Honestly, to everything about our health, but that’s a story for a different day.) I highly recommend checking out these probiotics as a way to help your body fight off these infections in the long-term.