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Wahl’s Protocol Update #1

Now that I’ve been back on Wahl’s for a week, I’ve seen some really positive changes. I’m much less bloated, and experiencing less digestive pain and IBS-type issues. But what has the transition been like?

I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit hard leaving behind starches, grains, and good old sweets…but I just knew they were not helping me. The first few days I basically did the ketosis version of Wahl’s, barely eating any carbs, and zero starches. As long as I was prepared with the right foods in the house and with me when I left, I wasn’t hungry. Honestly getting to eat lots of raspberries and strawberries is like a treat! I try to get in some cooked greens with breakfast, or else butternut squash is my favorite! Cooking up some ground turkey, seasoning it however I’m in the mood, and mixing it up with some squash and butter is kind of my go to in the morning before I workout. It seems to digest well and keep me from having any kind of an upset stomach while I jump around. Butternut is a bit carbier than other veggies too, so it helps give me a little boost.

One thing you might not be prepared for when you go low carb is how often you PEE! I found myself having to drink a lot more water to stay hydrated in general. The hardest part was the peeing at night — I went easily 5-6 times a night the first few nights. This is actually quite normal for the transition, though. When you cut carbs, your body has to find other ways to make energy before using fat, so it uses your glycogen stores. When glycogen breaks down, it releases a water molecule or two…leaving you running for loo. It does pass however!

Plus, for me, staying super low carb too long doesn’t agree with my gut. I don’t know if it’s too much fruit and veggies being too hard for me to digest still, or if the starches help my system run better, or what…I just know that a little bit every couple of days helps. I may have to be more deliberate about it and so some carb cycling (which is something I need to learn more about beforehand.)

My energy levels are still good, and I’ve lost about 4.5 pounds, which is great, because I’ve had a really hard time getting the scale to budge for a while now. My workouts are going well too, and I’m starting to feel really strong again — I’ve missed feeling this good!

I’m also taking Atrantil again with each meal to help kick back my SIBO again and get my digestion in check. If you have IBS, bloating, or other digestive problems, you should totally check it out! It’s all natural, and is a godsend. Seriously the best thing to happen for gut woes in probably ever.

As I go into week two, I’m hoping how I feel just keeps improving, and that calming the inflammation helps me continue to lose more weight. It would be great to be back to feeling and looking like my old self before summer!