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Wednesday Workshop: How to Close Off a Loft or Open Space

Our new home is full of great spaces, and our loft is one of them. I had originally designated it as a hangout area for the kids, but in reality, there were some logistics making this less than ideal. One was we had to actually take the time to design and organize it, and the other was noise and lack of privacy. Plus, it gets super hot upstairs because everything is so open!

When we redid the floors, replacing the carpet with laminate, the noise issue got worse…lots of echoes with all that open space and hard surface! I would absolutely love to have the area professionally closed in but well…that’s not exactly in the budget!

So I had to find another way. I decided to use curtains. Not quite as a great as an actual wall, but it would look cool, give the kids a sense of privacy up there, cushion the noise, and I’m really hoping it will help with the temperature issue and hold some more cool air up there. At the very least, the kids LOVE it!!! It really helps make it a cool space for them, and I can’t wait to finish decorating it into the ultimate hangout!

For how-to instructions, watch this video!