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Wednesday Workshop | How to Fix a Door that Won’t Stay Open

Have you ever had a door that just refuses to stay open? They drive me crazy! I don’t want to shove something in front of a door inside my house every single time I want it open.

I had this problem with door to my bedroom. No matter how wide I opened it, or held it in place, it would slowly shut on its own. I put off fixing it for a while, because I was pretty sure it was going to require me taking the entire door off the hinges, sanding the frame, and reinstalling the door. That was not a project I wanted to undertake in my first few weeks of living on my own! The unpacking and settling everyone in was already overwhelming enough. We had a lot on our plates as my ex and I went through separation.

In the end, I got frustrated enough with the constant shutting to do some research, and it turns out this problem as a super easy fix! All it requires is a hammer and a screwdriver, and about 3 minutes of your time.

How to Make A Door Stop Closing on its Own

  1. Using a screwdriver and hammer, remove the middle pin from the door hinge.
  2. Take the pin and the hammer outside to the cement patio or driveway, or garage.
  3. Lay the pin on the cement and give it 2-3 good whacks in the middle of the pin so it warps slightly.
  4. Go back inside and reinstall the pin in the hinge, using the hammer to gently bang it back into place.
  5. The door should not close on its own anymore! However, sometimes it takes a little more to fix it. If it’s still closing, remove the top pin, and repeat the above steps.
  6. YOU DID IT!!!!! And I bet you didn’t even have to break a sweat.