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I thought it would be fun to join the craze and try out workboxes for homeschooling. It’s an interesting concept designed by a homeschooling mom, where, ideally, you set up twelve or so clear shoebox-size containers on a little 3-tier shelf with an activity in each, so the kids can visually see their progress and you have everything all set and ready for the day. Sounds great to me, especially because time to sit down and do our stuff is hard to come by with the little one. So, we’re giving it a go. I made my own version with large ziplocks instead of bins though for space reasons mostly, but also because I can see Lucy emptying every box as fast as I can fill it…which of course would be counterproductive!! One of the best parts is I have things all laid out and can use the fun things we never get around to because we are too busy just trying to get things done. For example, in addition to the 3 R’s there is a bag with instructions for us all to take Bunny to the dog park, one to go play on the swings for 10 minutes, one to draw a picture of a rocket from a book, and one to work on his Lego Star Wars ship for 30 minutes. Fun, huh? I made 6 bags for Lilli since she doesn’t really have much she has to to do yet, and hers include writing, cutting and gluing, painting, etc.